Monday, July 26, 2010

Hanging around

It's always inspiring to hear of a simple idea marketed well. Exhibit A - The Green Hanger. An Australian invention from three entrepreneurial spirits, The Green Hanger is only a year old but has been causing quite the international stir. So what's the story?
1. Looking for a more eco-friendly solution when moving house, the concept was born.
2. It's 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard
3. Holds over 2Kg of weight
4. Raw & natural and quite designer looking (we think)
5. Inexpensive - a pack of 5 Adult hangers is only $5.95 with bulk buying being cheaper
6. Comes in kids and adult sizes
7. Easy to stack and store
8. No glues or inks are used
9. Used as the official invite for Tokyo Fashion Week
10.Used to hang all the clothes backstage at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2010
11.Bridget Marquardt is one of Hugh Hefner’s playboy's and she has endorsed the product in her search to "go green" (seriously)

So, the question remains, will fashion boutiques follow suit. It makes sense for smaller boutiques to embrace this (I remember my shop days and having to sort through a million wire hangers that always seemed to get tangled and it was my job to untangle them - ahhh the glamour of fashion!).

Check out their site to find out more.

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